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Powerful and Encouraging

Motivational Speaking

Take Your Life Back!

Autoimmune Scientist and Functional Practitioner Dori Smith of True Wellness Today describes her 17 year battle with seven devastating autoimmune diagnoses, and her incredible journey back to health.

Your audience will be informed, empowered, and filled with hope... as they learn that chronic illness is preventable and reversible -- possibly for the first time -- through new scientific medical breakthroughs.  


Whether the audience member is a healthy person wanting to prevent devastating chronic illness,

or a person who is already suffering, this is a talk that has the power to save their lives.  

With tears, laughter and joy Dori tells her own powerful story, then gives the audience

an easy action plan to recreate their own health.

Dori has an endearing, honest and passionate delivery that keeps listeners interested and hungry to hear more.  

She has presented her research to large professional conferences and has performed as an accomplished vocalist

since she was very young, so her stage presence is comfortable and confident.  


Your audience will be moved to tears and motivated to overcome their health issues.