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Dori's Story

An Overcomer's Health Journey 

My name is Dori Smith, and I have an awesome, beautiful story I'd love to tell you.  Grab some coffee and stay a little while... 

this gets good. 


I'm a research scientist in the field of autoimmunity, immunology, and environmental toxicology.  I was married with a beautiful daughter, and I worked in my field for 13 years while completing my schooling.  


I am a serious science geek…  During my Master’s and PhD training I won a first-place research award, I completed a prestigious two-year Doctoral Fellowship at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, and I co-authored five scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals.  As you can see, I was working on my Wonder Woman degree as well… the stress was not such a good thing.   


I thought I took care of my and my family’s health.  We took various supplements, drank green smoothies and tried to eat healthy (or what I thought was healthy).  Other than chronic migraines and some various aches and pains that I attributed to genetics, I thought I was healthier than most.


But I started having different symptoms in various parts of my body, none of which seemed to link together.  I developed a marked brain fog that affected my work.  I went from being a straight A student with an excellent memory to being extremely forgetful, and not being able to recall normal vocabulary.  I told my husband, “I feel like I acquired ADHD or Alzheimer’s…  my brain is different.  It’s scary.”  We thought I was just burnt out.