LivingMatrix Health Assessment 

In collaboration with The Institute For Functional Medicine

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  • ​​The most comprehensive, cutting-edge Health Assessment tool available

  • ​Ultra-private HIPAA-compliant cloud-based platform 

  • ​State-of-the-Art Artificial Intelligence technology for pin-point accuracy

  • ​Used by top-tier functional practitioners to uncover your hidden root causes   

  • Analyzes your data scientifically for ongoing, lifetime reference

  • ​Printable color report to share with other health providers, family and friends


​How Healthy Are You Really?

  • Provides a personalized health score that's easy to understand

  • ​Based on your personal answers in your questionnaire

  • ​​Analyzes your data scientifically for ongoing, lifetime reference

  • ​Makes it easy to track your progress over time

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A "Total Life" Health Timeline -- Ingenius!

  • Provides a picture of your total health history, from womb to present

  • ​​Unravels the "How" and the "Why" you developed your health conditions

  • ​Analyzes your "Triggers for Disease" based on the latest medical discoveries 

  • ​Scientifically plots the appearance of your symptoms with known root  triggers

  • Uncovers missing puzzle pieces in your health journey


Value: Priceless! 

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The Functional Matrix

Puts YOU in Charge of Your Health

  • Provides the "Big Picture" view of ALL your health systems 

  • ​​​Based on the latest medical findings that your body functions as a whole... with all your systems working together and intertwined

  • ​Puts you in a position of CONTROL -- You're no longer confused

  • ​You'll understand the exact steps you must take to get your health back

  • ​​Analyzes your symptoms into the body systems that need the most work 

  • ​Provides a clear percentage of which systems need the most help

  • ​Helps you to understand clearly where to start   

  • ​Allows for personalized, streamlined care and faster results

  • ​​You'll never have another doctor appointment where you don't know where the focus is -- you are now in charge!  

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Your Global Health Score

Know Your Progress Over Time

  • Based on a powerful MSQ (Multi-Symptom Questionnaire) that assesses your physical and mental well being

  • ​Analyzes your overall quality of life between each appointment in real time

  • ​Tracks how you are feeling over time, so you can actually see yourself getting better!

  • ​Shows clear, objective results

  • Gives you powerful motivation to continue toward your health goals

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Your Step-By-Step 

Action Plan To Wellness

  • We'll show you what you need to do to get your health back

  • ​Personalized to address your worst symptoms first

  • ​​Puts you in control of your health outcomes in partnership with your practitioner

  • Helps you to get started quickly, so you can feel better faster   

  • Cutting-Edge Protocols that really work!  ​


Your Private Consultation

60-Minutes with Dori via Zoom

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  • We'll go over your LivingMatrix Health Assessment together

  • You'll understand where your current health stands from a scientific perspective ​​

  • ​You'll learn the probable reasons why you developed your illness

  • ​You'll learn the specific steps to uncover and correct your root causes 

  • You'll know exactly which steps to take next, so you are always in control of your own health outcomes

  • ​​You'll receive personal and compassionate attention 

  • ​We'll take the time to answer ALL your questions  

  • You'll be filled with hope and excitement to start your health journey!