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This is our newest Self-Help Program, specifically designed to get you started on your healing journey -- at a price everyone can afford.


This program gives you the latest in anxiety, depression and brain fog protocols to help you feel noticeably better, fast. 


What you'll receive:


  • A neurochemical questionnaire to help you learn which amino acid protocols will help you.
  • The exact easy-to-follow amino acid protocols with dosages and supplement brand recommendations.
  • A special link to our Wellevate site, where you will receive 20% off all of your supplement, health and beauty-aid purchases.    
  • Plus, anti-inflammatory and superfood nutrition, gut health information, and more!   


For the price of a dinner out, you can finally reduce and reverse your anxiety, depression and brain fog using the latest science.  


Hurry!  This price is only good for the first 100 orders.  

Reverse Anxiety, Depression & Brain Fog Now