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Here's a list of books and videos to get you started. 


While this is not a comprehensive list, but it includes many of the top experts in Functional, Holistic, and Integrative Medicine.  If you take just a little time each day to learn from these experts, you will find great hope that you can change your health and your life.



Videos & Podcasts



"Betrayal -- The Autoimmune Disease Solution They're Not Telling You" Dr. Tom O'Bryan

This is a 9-Part Video docuseries on YouTube showing the doctors and patients who are using Functional Medicine, and getting amazing results.  Take the time to binge watch all 9 episodes as it will give you the hope you need.  

The Evolution of Medicine's Functional Forum

Brings together the top doctors and scientists in the world to train practitioners the latest science in how to treat chronic illness.

"The Doctor's Farmacy" Dr. Mark Hyman

Each week Dr. Hyman interviews all of the top scientists and doctors who are ascribing to the functional medicine model of care.

"The" Dr. Tom O'Bryan

These are Dr. Tom's weekly Facebook Live videos on YouTube.  Dr. Tom is one of my favorite experts as he has a way of making complicated medical information easy for everyone to understand with humor and wit.

"Minding Your Mitochondria" Dr. Terry Wahls

Dr. Terry Wahls is a medical doctor and research scientist who overcame MS with functional medicine principles.  This is her original Ted Talk video from 2011.  Powerfully motivating.

"Bulletproof Radio" Dave Asprey

Dave Asprey is a mover and shaker in the field.  The original "biohacker" and the inventor of Bulletproof Coffee, his show interviews the most innovative scientists and medical professionals in the world.  Note:  I don't agree with everything that Dave personally does to biohack his own body, however, I enjoy learning from the experts on his program.  I also personally use several of his products, including the "Brain Octane Oil", which I found to be very useful.

Books & Websites

"The Disease Dilusion", Jeffrey Bland, PhD. 

Dr. Bland is a true genius, and is respectfully known as "The Father of Functional Medicine".  His latest book is powerful and enlightening.  It is an intellectual read on the science of epigenetics (how our genes respond to the different environments we put them in).  Dr. Bland is the leader of the Personalised Lifestyle Medicine Institute where practitioners gather from around the globe to learn the latest science.

"The Autoimmune Fix" and "You Can Fix Your Brain" Dr. Tom O'Bryan

"Brain Maker:  The Power of Gut Microbes to Heal & Protect Your Brain for Life" Dr. David Perlmutter

"The Toxin Solution -- How Hidden Poisons in the Air, Water, Food, and Products We Use Are Destroying Our Health -- And What We Can Do To Fix It"  Dr. Joseph Pizzorno

"Detoxify Your Life -- How Toxins are Robbing You of Your Health and What You Can Do About It"   Dr. John Cline



"The Evolution of Medicine -- Join the Movement to Solve Chronic Disease" James Maskell  




If you're a true geek like me, you'll want to go straight to the research papers.    


I literally have many hundreds of references that I've gathered over the years, but putting them all here on the website is extremely time consuming, so it's a work in progress.  If you are interested in seeing references on a specific topic, please send me a note at  

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