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Have you had your genetics run by the popular AncestryDNA or 23 and Me companies, but have been left confused? Have you looked deeper at your raw genetics data and wondered, "What does all this mean?" "How can I use this to change my health, and prevent disease"? A genetics report typically gives the client basic information, such as what ancestry you are, whether you can drink coffee or not, whether you are an early riser or night owl. But there's so much more to learn. The field of genetics is vast and complicated, and it takes an expert to understand the genetic SNPs, or mutations, and how to correct them to bring real health results. Let me walk you through how to optimize your genetic expression, and make real and lasting changes to your health using the latest 3X4 Genetics. Our genes express depending upon the environment we place them in -- this is the study of Epigenetics. This dogma-busting medical advance came out of the study of the Human Genome Project in 2002. The science is proven: We can change our genetic expression by changing our nutrition, targeted supplementation, gut health, detox and lifestyle choices. Bad lifestyle practices = genetic expression of disease. Good lifestyle practices = healthy genetic expression and optimal functioning. This analysis will provide you with a step-by-step plan to optimize your lifestyle based on your personal genetics. This is state-of-the art science that you can use to both prevent and reverse chronic illness and achieve a vibrant health. You'll be amazed at the results you achieve with this very important step in disease reversal. This service is for the analysis of your genetics testing results. If you haven't yet run your testing, we will help you choose the best testing company as part of this service. Previously this type of testing and analysis was only available at a very high price, and not everyone could afford it. Now this groundbreaking science is available at a cost everyone can take advantage of to achieve optimum health. In fact, without learning your genetic mutations and correcting them, you are missing the most critical step in changing your health. Our health issues nearly always have a genetic cause that often can be corrected naturally and effectively with nutrition, targeted supplementation, and lifestyle practices. Learn important root causes and corrections of your health issue. Help is just a click away.

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