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NOTE: Please contact Laura at 949-355-5549 to apply for this training. Yes, You Can Reverse Autoimmune Disease and Chronic Illness!!! This is a very intensive set of protocols designed by the top doctors in Functional Medicine to promote reversal of autoimmune disease conditions. Only for those who are serious about changing their health, and are ready to feel lasting results! - You'll learn the most current medical science from the top research organizations in the world, including the seven causes of autoimmune diseases, and how to correct them. - You'll be given exact testing recommendations to learn your personal root causes of chronic inflammation, including genetics, gut health, toxic overload, invisible infections, mitochondrial functioning, nutritional deficiencies and sensitivities, neurochemical balance, hormone balance, and more. - You'll be provided with the latest, cutting-edge protocols to correct testing findings. - You'll learn the absolute necessity of a healthy functioning gut microbiome to healing autoimmune disease - You'll transition from a state of illness, to one of better and better health. And you'll feel the life-changing difference! - You'll be following a healthy dietary and lifestyle regimen that creates real results! - You'll learn to use specific supplements and foods for your personal genetics. - You'll dramatically lower your inflammation, pain, and concurrent symptoms - You will balance your gut microbiome and heal leaky gut - Your energy will increase by giving your mitochondrial cells what they need for optimal functioning - Your brain hormones will become more balanced to lessen brain fog, anxiety and depression - You'll be tested for and learn the protocols to correct invisible infections. - You'll test for and understand your personal toxic overload, and be given specific protocols to correct it. Best of all, you'll get your life back. Are you ready to change your life? Let's get started!!! ** Does not include testing costs

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