The Tools to Change Your Life

True Wellness Today aims to help all of our clients live the healthiest lives they can. 

In order to reach this goal, we offer a variety of services depending on your personal needs. 

All include the scientific expertise and positive encouragement you need to walk your path to wellness. Take a look at some of the services we offer, and please get in touch if you have any questions.

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Lose Weight Right

Classes Start Monthly

In the new year, many are focused on losing weight. 


Most will waste money on diet plans or supplements that promise the moon but only work temporarily --

if at all.


A few will find the answer to permanent weight loss -- with the beautiful side effect of optimal health. 


What is that answer? 


Well, it does NOT involve calorie restriction, extreme exercise, expensive packaged foods or fads.   


It DOES involve fixing your gut health, which corrects metabolic imbalance,

and allows your body to shed unwanted pounds naturally. 




By learning which anti-inflammatory diet is best for your personal genetics,

and following a scientifically proven gut health protocol.    


It's Functional Medicine.  Scientific.  Evidence-based.  Personalized. 


The results are significant. 


You will lose weight naturally, even though you will eat until you are satisfied. 

You will have a sharper mind, more energy and stamina, less pain and inflammation,

less gastrointestinal issues, and much more. 


Learning how to live an anti-inflammatory, gut healthy lifestyle will allow your body

to balance your metabolism and blood sugar, and prevent chronic illness

such as heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer's in your future.


This will be a change, so we harness the power of community to provide love,

encouragement and support as you walk on your new healthy path. 


You’ll never walk this journey alone.


Knowledge is Power.  Food is Medicine.


You can do this. 

Start your New Year right, and create a healthy, new you!

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For All New Clients:

Your First Step to Wellness

FREE with Reverse Autoimmunity Now 

Make Your Life Sustainable

Let's get real.  Our western culture lifestyle is not healthy, nor sustainable, as evidenced by our current rising chronic illness epidemic.  Chronic illness is the third leading cause of death and disability behind heart disease and cancer... and all three are, in many cases, preventable and reversible

We eat processed food-like chemicals instead of the whole, healthy foods our bodies were designed to eat.  We are addicted to sugar and dangerous oils.  We drive ourselves and our kids through fast-food restaurants regularly for the convenience of poisoning ourselves.  We don't hydrate properly.  We over work and under exercise.  We allow stress and toxic thought processes to overwhelm us.  And worst of all, we don't understand how the chemicals we choose to use are destroying our mitochondria (the energy powerhouses) and our gut-microbiome (the master controllers of health).  


Because conventional medicine is based on older science, our doctors tell us that the ills that come with a little age are normal.  Science now knows that they are not. 

The exciting news is that Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Dementia, Alzheimer's, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, Asthma, Allergies, Thyroid Disease, Obesity and many other chronic illnesses (that are rising at an alarming rate) are now known to be preventable and reversible for most of us.  That's huge!  Everyone needs to learn this powerful information. 

Most of us have never learned the new medical science:  How our personal genetics play a major role in our health, and how the environment we bathe ourselves in directly causes genetic expression of health, or inflammation and disease. 

And, even when armed with the truth, we don't take the time to love and nourish ourselves,

so we can be everything we were created to be. 

Instead, we are creating our poor health... mostly unaware.  We go with the flow of western culture lifestyles and food industry marketing tactics.  We follow government health guidelines that we now know were based on poor science.  And while conventional medicine has its place, our "pill for an ill" doctors are practicing old-school medicine that clearly isn't working for chronic conditions.  

Make the choice to stop this!  For your family.  For your children.  For yourself.

The new medical breakthroughs of Functional Medicine are not only helping people with chronic illness to get better, they're helping (seemingly) healthy people to actually prevent the most common health crises. 


In just two private consultations, you'll receive a comprehensive Functional Medicine health evaluation, you’ll learn the science behind correcting your specific health challenges with Functional Medicine protocols (don't worry, I'll make it easy), and then you'll start following a step-by-step plan to take your life back from chronic illness (or prevent it from destroying your life).  You’ll gain real results, powerful motivation, and loving support as you start your new health journey. 

Scientists now know that because of the toxic lifestyles of our western culture, there's a good chance you are creating

a devastating illness in your future.  Prevent it now.

If you are chronically ill, there is great hope now. 

Invest in your own health, and that of your family.  There's nothing more important.  What you will learn by partnering with

true wellness today has the power to save your life. 

You were created with a unique gift to bring to the world.  With great health, energy and vitality throughout life, you can show up

with all your awesome beauty, worth and meaning. 


   Let's get started today!      

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Take Your Life Back

Illness stole a part of your life... maybe all of it.  Take it back.


You can get better.  The scientific breakthroughs of Functional Medicine are healing even long term chronic illness.  Yes, it's true.

This is the protocol I wish I knew about when I first started my healing journey, to save time and suffering. You’ll learn everything you need to know to get well in this thorough 8-week protocol designed by the leading Functional Medicine professionals. 


You'll start following a step-by-step action plan to take back your life from debilitating illness, and be lovingly guided through

with eight weeks of personalized, scientific health coaching.

Have hope! 

Whatever your autoimmune diagnosis, the experts agree that following this protocol is the answer to getting well.

Watch this video to learn the truth:  You can reverse autoimmune disease.  

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Gut First Aid

4 Weeks to Balance and Heal Your Gut

Free with Reverse Autoimmunity Now 

Your gut microbiome literally controls every aspect of your health.   


And if you live in western culture, your gut is a mess.  Period. 


Even if you don't notice any symptoms (yet).  


It's the reason why we have disease epidemics.  


The good news is, knowledge is power. 


We can correct this in just a few short weeks, and set ourselves up for health instead of disease.


We all must balance the gut microbiome and repair leaky gut to be healthy.  Don't waste your money on supplements, detox programs or other health regimens until you do.


This training walks you through the scientifically proven, step-by-step program to balance your gut microbiome and repair leaky gut, designed by the leading experts in functional medicine.

Includes a 30-minute personal health coaching session to answer all of your questions as you get started, and guide you on the right path.  Plus, members of this service receive a 20% discount on

private health coaching sessions if needed.


You'll join our gut health community who provide support along the way.  


Within four weeks, you will start to feel amazing results... A sharper, clearer mind, more energy and stamina, less pain and inflammation, less gastrointestinal issues and more.  In fact, you'll probably lose that stubborn weight that you couldn't lose before, simply by healing your gut.  


What better way to start the new year!


Sugar Buster Challenge! 

14 Days to Conquer Your Sugar Addiction

Do you want increased energy and stamina?

Do you want less inflammation and pain? 

Do you want more patience and joy, with less anxiety, depression and mood swings? 

Do you want to prevent the most prevalent diseases?  Do you want to start healing from the symptoms you are already experiencing?

Then kicking your sugar habit is foundational.  It’s easy with a scientifically-based, Functional Medicine protocol.  Really!  

Have you seen the latest scientific study proving that processed sugar is more addictive than cocaine and heroin?  This is why most of us have failed when we’ve tried to eat less sugar on our own.

And we all know we need to eat less sugar.  Science has now definitively proven that processed sugar is one of the main causative factors of our current health crisis. 


Processed sugar is a toxic poison.  Eating it is like pouring gasoline on the inflammation fire that is already present in our bodies. 

And we don’t even see the symptoms until extensive damage is already done. 

This means lowering your intake of processed sugar is a must… if you want to be healthy and disease free.

I hear you saying, "But how?  It calls to me!"

By using simple, enjoyable Functional Medicine "biohacks" that actually work to change your hormonal chemistry, so you can get rid of your sugar cravings for good.  It’s so easy you can help your whole family do it, even your kids! 

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Nourish Yourself Challenge!

14 Days to Supercharge Your Mitochondria


Learn the power of nutrition and superfoods to prevent disease and reverse chronic illness.  

This is not a diet.  The Nourish Yourself Challenge is a natural, scientifically-based, real whole-food eating plan that allows you to

eat delicious meals until you are satisfied. 

You will learn how to choose and prepare yummy organic superfoods with the highest nutritional value,

to reverse your health issues and prevent disease. 

You'll learn how to eat like a gourmet, without breaking the bank.

You'll learn how to re-create your favorite foods in a more delicious way that makes you feel awesome both physically and emotionally. 

Since you will be eating correctly, the way your body was designed to eat, you will naturally and quickly lose your junk food cravings.  Processed, chemically laden food will start to look disgusting, and taste even worse.

You'll need to buy new pants, as both your visible and invisible fat (visceral and organ fat--the most dangerous kind) will start to melt off, even while you feel full and satisfied.

By reducing your fat you will reduce your toxic chemical load (which we all have), thereby healing your mitochondria, creating abundant energy, stamina and vitality.

Your hormones and blood sugar will stabilize, giving you peace and a hightened sense of wellbeing.  

Your gut microbiome will start the healing process, so you'll notice less gastrointestinal issues.  

Your allergies, asthma, and skin issues will get better.

Most of all, you will significantly reduce your inflammation (the real reason behind all disease processes). 

Once you see how much better you can feel by eating this way, you'll never want to trash your body with junk food again.     

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Quick & Simple Detox

14 Days to Disease Prevention & Healing

It is now proven science that cancer, diabetes, dementia, autoimmunity, and many other diseases have their root cause in toxic overload, so learning how to detox safely and efficiently needs to be a critical part of our health routine. 

Did you know that the average woman uses 120 toxic products before she walks out the door in the morning? 

You will learn how to correct the toxic overload we all have and reduce your exposure going forward.

This protocol was designed by the foremost expert in functional medicine detox, Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, and is based on the very latest medical science.  

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Advanced Detox Challenge

Total Body Cleanse for Ultimate Wellness

In this continuation of the Quick & Simple Detox protocol designed by Dr. Joseph Pizzorno, you will intensify your cleansing for optimal health and disease prevention.  You will focus on the three critical detox organs, the Gut, the Liver and the Kidneys, then dive into the intensive full-body cleansing.  You may even lose some weight in the process!


VIP Healthy Living Overhaul

Personalized Lifestyle Makeover

Do you feel like you need a complete lifestyle overhaul now?  Need someone to visit the doctor with you as a personal health advocate and make sense of your labwork?  Would you like someone to shop with you to learn how to read labels and eat healthy?  This is the complete package of six services, First Step to Wellness, Sugar Buster Challenge, Nourish Yourself Challenge, Gut First Aid, Quick & Simple Detox and Advanced Detox Challenge, all personalized to fit your needs.  Plus, we will purge your kitchen of anything toxic, make recipes together and more!