Why Use a Functional Medicine Nutritionist and Health Coach?

A new scientific study was just published showing that using a Functional Medicine Coach can bring remarkable results to your health goals.

The study entitled, "Practice Brief: Functional Medicine Health Coaching: A Path to Positive Health" by Andrea Cook, Ph.D. and Sandra Scheinbaum, Ph.D. of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (a division of the world renown Institute for Functional Medicine) appears in the latest Spring 2018 edition of the International Positive Psychology Association’s, Practice & Training Approaches.

Here’s some excerpts from the article.

“Health coaching is an emerging field that helps mobilize clients to engage in decision making and attitude change that leads to positive health behaviors, increased health assets, and improved health outcomes (Rotegard, Moore, Fagermoen, & Ruland, 2010; Sharma, Willard-Grace, Hessler, Bodenheimer, & Thom, 2016).”

“Health coaches are professionals from diverse backgrounds who work with individuals and groups to facilitate and empower clients to achieve health-related goals (Jordan, Wolever, Lawson, & Moore, 2015). They are an important part of a collaborative care team, and their use by practitioners continues to grow (The Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), 2016).

“Functional Medicine (FM) is a medical model that focuses on detecting core clinical imbalances that underlie disease expression (e.g. hormonal, neurotransmitter, detoxification, immune, digestive, and structural), and identifying antecedent events and lifestyle factors that contribute to the expression and maintenance of chronic disease (Jones, 2010). FM health coaches support treatment by encouraging clients to explore potential contributing factors, and to take an active role in their own health.”

The results of the study were not surprising, given the many thousands of testimonies of people just like me and you. The article states in their conclusions: “Specifically, Functional Medicine Health Coaching significantly reduced client-reported medical symptoms and increased self-reported physical and mental health”.

When choosing a health coach, make sure they are medical professionals with a high level of training. As an Autoimmune Research Scientist and Functional Nutritionist as well as a coach, you're in good hands.

And, having successfully overcome 17 years of disabling illness with seven autoimmune diseases myself, I am uniquely qualified to understand and give you the level of compassion you've probably been missing. Plus, it’s my passion and purpose to bring you the truth about the Functional Medicine model of health care, and help you get your life back.

If you suffer from a chronic illness or autoimmune disease, there is hope. You and your family do not need to continue suffering needlessly.

Take action, and start your road to recovery.

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Blessings on Your Healing Journey!


To read the full text of the article, click here: http://www.ippanetwork.org/positive-health/functional-medicine-health-coaching/?inf_contact_key=0ac6f1d2daae148b9e523f8a0b8f5f480181c89949f61a17c96dc287649a7b56