Nourish Your Soul -- Heal Your Cells

Did you know that when you are praising God, you are actively healing at a cellular level?

Did you know that when you are involved in the act of loving others, you are promoting your own physical healing?

Scientists studying oxytocin -- the “love biochemical”, have found that it:

  • Promotes growth factors that increase the rate of tissue repair and wound healing

  • Reduces inflammation – to reduce tissue damage and symptoms

  • Plays a protective role in cancer

  • Dramatically reduces anxiety and lowers stress – to allow peace, joy and well-being

  • Protects against virus

  • Balances your metabolism and helps to maintain healthy weight

  • Reduces blood pressure – to protect against cardiovascular disease

  • Reduces cortisol levels – to increase sleep quality and lower stress

  • Lowers your perception of pain

  • Creates a love bond to the activity

Oxytocin is released in large amounts when we practice positive, loving actions. Worship, praise, prayer, meditation – all release oxytocin.

Caring for our children, family and pets, doing acts of kindness for others, hugs, words of affirmation – all flood your body and mind with oxytocin.

When you are involved in a positive social community where you feel loved and valued, and where you can give love and value to others, you are releasing oxytocin in yourself, and helping others to release it also.

It’s why Functional Health Programs involve small groups and ongoing group support… because it is an important part of your healing at a most fundamental level.

God is love, and He has given us His love to heal us. Let’s praise Him together for this exceedingly good promise and provision! Let’s all increase our oxytocin today while we spread love to others!

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