The Trinity Smoothie

The latest science has found that in order to reverse chronic and autoimmune conditions, we simply must eat healthy.  It's the foundation of our health.  Isn't it hilarious that it took scientists all this time to figure out the obvious?      

But it's hard eating healthy.   


And it can be confusing.

So I designed The Trinity Smoothie to make it easy for you.  I drink this myself every day without fail, and it's made a powerful difference in my life.  I couldn't live without it and be well.  


There are companies providing "diet shakes", but there are few that are truly healthy.  All of them lose natural nutrients in the processing, plus most contain toxic preservatives, sugar, whey protein, and many other inflammatory ingredients.  Since inflammation is the cause of most disease, this is counter-intuitive.  These drinks, while easy, are actually creating more chronic inflammation and disease.    

The Trinity Smoothie combines the latest science of Functional Nutrition, gut microbiome health, biochemistry and neurochemistry in a delicious, whole food, natural drink. 


And you can make it yourself at home in about 5 minutes every morning.  Now, we all have 5 minutes to give our bodies what they need each day.  Right? 

The Trinity Smoothie gives your body the 3 nutrients we all need:  


1.  8-10 cups of veggies (What?!  Yes, that's right.  There's no way around this one -- you need them!)

2.  Clean protein

3.  Healthy fats


The Trinity Smoothie provides these essential nutrients in the right combination, plus powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant polyphenol ingredients to help fight and prevent disease.  In fact, this recipe is so powerful, that combined with the right diet for your specific gut microbiome and genetics, it can help you to reverse chronic illness and autoimmune disease.  

Believe it.  Food is information -- the building blocks for healthy cell and genetic functioning. 


Food truly is medicine!  And we in the western world need to start using it that way.

Want to obliterate your cravings?  Science has discovered that it's eating the "trinity" of nutrients together, every time you eat, that reduces food cravings dramatically.  Again, these three nutrients are veggies, fat & protein.  

Why?  Because it creates "satisfaction" neurochemicals that tell your brain, "Ahhh, I'm satisfied.  I don't need anything else."  When we feel like this, we don't crave sugar and processed carbs (the most inflammatory, disease producing substances).    

The trick is to eat the "trinity" in the right combination -- every time we eat -- to keep our satisfaction neurochemicals high.  Never eat nutrients in isolation as this sets you up for diet failures, and we've all been there.

This really works!  Simply drink at least 16 oz of your smoothie every time you are hungry, BEFORE you eat anything else.  Drink as much of it as you want so you are full.  Believe me, your body won't be missing anything it needs.  After 3-5 days, your cravings will disappear (so long as you are following a healthy anti-inflammatory diet along with your smoothie -- such as the Elimination Diet by the Institute for Functional Medicine).  

But not only will your cravings disappear... your energy will increase!  If you stop eating inflammatory foods, your pain will decrease.  Your brain fog will go away.  Your mood will improve.  Your gut will start its natural healing process.  Your stem cells will start to proliferate and get busy doing their natural healing functions.  There are so many benefits to eating right! 

And it's important to remember, there's no "one-sized-fits-all" diet, no matter what the internet says.  Your perfect diet can be determined with simple, inexpensive Functional Nutrition testing that looks at your genetics, your gut microbiome, and your food sensitivities.  At True Wellness Today, we use the latest testing methods to help you find your perfect diet, and never be confused over food again.  

You'll finally be successful at eating healthy, and best of all, you'll feel great -- and look great too!      

So, here's the recipe.  (You're welcome!)

Do not skimp on your ingredients... this drink will be the basis of your health each day.  Your ingredients need to be 100% organic without exception, or you'll just be adding toxicants that destroy your gut health with every swallow.  Your gut health is what keeps you healthy, or makes you sick, so be sure to make your Trinity Smoothie clean.    

You'll need a great blender... not a cheapy one.  I love the VitaMix.  They are pricey but they really make the smoothest smoothies!  I've also used the Ninja, but it's not as smooth. 

Fill your blender about 1/2 way with half water and half either coconut or almond milk (without sugar or additives).

Veggies:  Add 8-10 cups of colorful veggies, with the skins on.  Five to six cups of these should be dark green leafy veggies... not lettuce.  Kale, spinach, chard and arugula are good choices so long as your genetics agree.  (Get your genetics tested to know for sure... give us a call).    

Include red beets, purple cabbage, celery, brocolli, carrots, whatever you find.  The more colors and variety, the better.    


Do not wash or peel your veggies... if there's a little dirt, just wipe off the excess and throw them in.  The dirt actually has millions of natural probiotics that keep your gut healthy.

Protein:  Add about 1/2 cup of nuts -- all nuts are good except peanuts.  (Again, your genetics and specific food allergies play an important role).  If you cannot do nuts, use an organic plant-based protein powder, or 100% grass-fed collagen powder without whey, sugar or additives.  Or you can also use chia or hemp seeds.   

Fats:  Add about 1/2 cup of olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil or coconut cream.  You may also add a whole avocado, and a few tablespoons of Bulletproof Brain Octane Oil (great for energy).  If you have loose bowels or do not have your gall bladder, start slow with the fats and build your way up.  

1/4 teaspoon pure organic stevia powder or monk fruit powder (not blends).  I find mine on Amazon.

A few shakes of Himalayan Pink Salt, and a few shakes of ground black pepper.

A "thumb" sized piece of both ginger.  If you like it, a thumb sized piece of turmeric roots (adds a very earthy flavor).  Don't peel, just throw them in whole. These are powerful superfoods to fight inflammation and pain, heal gut issues, prevent cancer, and more.  


Polyphenols:  A cup of frozen berries or an apple provide these essential nutrients your body needs to fight inflammation and pain.  You can also add a cup of green tea.


That's it!  Blend it all up and add water to make it smooth.  Drink the entire blender full each day to get your allotment of nutrients in (you can't fool your biochemistry... if it doesn't get in your belly, it's not working).

Now, if the taste isn't great the first time, change it up!  Play with it until you get it the way you like it.  Just remember, you are eating a lot of veggies.  It's supposed to taste like veggies, not ice cream.  :)  


Drink this as your basic nutrition morning, noon, and night, or anytime you get a little hungry or are craving BEFORE eating other foods.  Add other anti-inflammatory foods on top of this "basic" nutrition.     


Note:  Raw veggies are an important part of every healthy diet.  However, if you suspect you may have SIBO/SIFO or other issues that make eating raw veggies difficult, you will need to work with a functional nutritionist to reverse this issue before using The Trinity Smoothie.  

Eating healthy can be confusing, but with the help of a Functional Nutritionist, you can finally get it right, feel great, and prevent and even reverse chronic illness.  

For a Free Discovery Consultation, call our office at 760-315-1021. 


And let us know how you like our Trinity Smoothie!   



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