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Health Through the Science of Functional Medicine

Hi, I’m Dorinda Smith, MS, FNP, "The Autoimmune Geek". 

I'm an Autoimmune Disease Research Scientist and Functional Nutrition Practitioner,

and I have a powerful healing story to tell you!  

I'm on a mission with thousands of health professionals to give you REAL HOPE:


You can now PREVENT and REVERSE your chronic illness and autoimmune disease.  

There's new science to help you.  


Nothing is holding you back now.  The science is real.  People just like you are getting better. 

Go ahead... end the suffering.  Take your first step to true wellness today.   


Financial assistance is available if needed... we strive to help everyone who comes to us. 

Never let money stand in the way of changing your life!


Let me tell you my own powerful healing story… A healing story that can be yours as well.  I was disabled with seven autoimmune diseases plus severe fibromyalgia for over 15 years.  But once I learned the latest science, I learned how to heal.  Want to hear how?  


Go get a nice cup of tea and settle in.  You are about to take the first step of your own healing journey, and be blessed with some new scientific discoveries that will give you REAL HOPE!

Functional Evaluation

Is Functional Medicine right for you?

We're so positive we can help you feel better with the new science that we're offering a  



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In this Zoom Telehealth videocall, Dori will personally go over your most upsetting symptoms and help you understand:

  1. Why your symptoms may have started in the first place

  2. Your possible root causes

  3. The science behind correcting your symptoms -- for good

  4. How to start your personal reversal plan

  5. How to Feel Better and Thrive 


Most of all, Dori will give you love, compassion and REAL HOPE! 


Did you know that conventional medicine lags behind the new discoveries in science by an average of 17 years?  Ugh! 


You are not alone!  You are not incurable!   

You really can feel better, so why wait?   


This is a very special one-time offer where you'll be EMPOWERED and MOTIVATED to take your health to the next level.  


Your Functional Evaluation is FREE!    (a $247.00 Value!)  

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Group Classes




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Leesa - 

"I don't need my oxygen during exercise anymore and there was no pain!  My family was surprised to see me with so much energy!  I thank God for this program!" 

Jacqueline -- 

"I wish I would have found this program sooner.  I want to tell everyone, don't waste time and suffering trying to do this on your own!"

Judith - 

"I was with four other practitioners before I found this program.  Within a week, my skin condition I had for two years disappeared.  I'm so happy I tell everyone I meet about this program!" 

Luisa --


I'm so happy I found this program.  My thyroid lab numbers are getting better, I have much more energy, and I have no more pain!"  

Sarah -- 

"This program was a huge turn-around in my life!  I'm sleeping through the night and have much less joint pain now.  It makes sense, and it was something I could do.  I don't feel alone anymore, and this program gave me hope!"

Kristine -- 

I love how structured, organized, and affordable the program is.  I have more energy and mental clarity now, and even though I had terrible brain fog, Dori was always patient with me.  And having the group is such a huge help!"   

Wild Path

All About

true wellness today

The True Path for Your Health Journey

true wellness today was created out of a sincere, heart-felt passion to spread the word about the phenomenal medical breakthroughs of Functional Medicine, and to help people reverse and prevent chronic illness through scientific health and nutrition coaching.


We now understand that there is a better way to take care of our health.  If we merely go along waiting for symptoms to pop up, then run to the doctor for a prescription, we are allowing damage to occur, undetected.   

Real wellness, that is THRIVING, OPTIMAL HEALTH, is our goal, not just the absence of symptoms.

At true wellness today, we are joining the thousands of doctors, scientists, and other health professionals that are on the front line of the Functional Medicine revolution -- teaching all of us to have optimal, symptom-free health into our advanced years.  

We say NO to sick care. 

We say YES to true health care. 

The proven science of Functional Medicine has been termed the most important medical discovery of our time,

and the answer to our growing chronic disease crisis. 


Why?  Because people are healing.   


In 2007, the fast-growing wave of doctors changing their practices to the Functional Medicine model of treatment was given a definitive name:  The Evolution of Medicine.  It has been likened to the paradigm shifts in science that occurred with the discovery of cells, penicillin, and DNA, and it’s turning symptom-based, pharmaceutically-driven conventional medicine on its head. 

Although functional medicine doctors such as Dr. Mark Hyman (The Cleveland Clinic), Dr. David Permutter (The Grain Brain), and Dr. Joseph Mercola ( have dominated the health sections of popular media for well over a decade, many people are still not aware that their chronic illness can be reversed, and better yet, prevented.  They are told by their conventional doctors that their Diabetes, Autoimmune Disease, Heart Disease, Asthma, Allergies, Autism, GERD, IBS, Chrone's, Thyroid Disease and many other chronic conditions are "life-long" and “incurable”.  They are sent home to suffer with a lot of damaging prescriptions, and literally no hope.

With the remarkable medical discoveries of our microbiomes, epigenetic expression, and the advanced knowledge surrounding our mitochondrial respiration, we now know that most of the debilitating chronic diseases of western society are not only preventable, but remission and complete reversal of disease is a reality in many cases.

Yes, it’s true.  Here's just one example:  Scientists have now proven that the most common form of Alzheimer’s Disease is actually a progression of Type II Diabetes.  Both Type II Diabetes and Alzheimer's are now known to be preventable diseases.  Even more exciting, if Alzheimer's is treated early to mid-stage with functional medicine protocols, it can now be put into remission.  This means that those with high blood sugar and pre-diabetes can reverse their condition and prevent Type II Diabetes, Dementia and Alzheimer's, with simple and affordable lifestyle changes that really work.  Imagine what this news means to the millions of Diabetes, Dementia and Alzheimer’s sufferers, and their families! 

There is hope! 

But sadly, most are unaware of the new science, and therefore continue in their suffering. 

I was one of these people.  I had a promising, 13-year career as a research scientist in the field of autoimmunity and environmental immunotoxicology before I became terribly ill.  Over the next 10 years, I was diagnosed with seven  autoimmune conditions.  I became disabled, I lost my career, and I was given no hope of recovery.  Literally half of those years were spent either in bed or on the couch, in severe pain and suffering. 

But thank God, like many others before me, I came to learn the science of Functional Medicine,

and it has completely changed my life.


After walking in my personal health journey for many years now, I can attest that the science of Functional Medicine is real. 

It was a miracle for me... a medical miracle that you can have as well.  Because I’m not an anomaly… I’m just one of many hundreds of thousands of normal, everyday people just like you, who were told there was no cure, and no hope.  But with the 21st century science of Functional Medicine, I am nearly fully reversed. 


At my "middle age", after a lifetime of devastating progressive chronic illness, I have my life and career as an autoimmune disease scientist back again!  


And so can you. 


Now it’s my life’s mission, my ultimate purpose, to get the truth out.  I speak at various venues and wellness events, including churches, civic organizations, corporations, doctor's offices, spas and health clubs.  If you need a speaker with an important, inspirational and life-changing message for your group, please get in touch. 


Functional Medicine Health & Nutrition Coaching is growing because it is a more cost effective and convenient way for most to obtain true health care.  true wellness today uses the power and convenience of the internet to provide private, telemedicine consultations and group educational webinars to help people achieve remarkable results.  No more taking off work to drive to your doctor's office, then wasting time hanging around in the waiting room.  Appointments can be done conveniently, through your computer or phone, and at an affordable rate.

People need to know the powerful, life-saving truth of Functional Medicine science.  

They do not need to go on suffering... there is hope!

​If you are feeling healthy and want to learn how you can prevent chronic illness, or whether you suffer from one of the more than 80 chronic autoimmune diseases (which now include heart disease, diabetes, allergies, asthma, autism, ADHD, anxiety, depression, IBS, GERD, Chrone's, dementia, Alzheimer’s and many others), please scroll down to my video section to learn more about Functional Medicine.  


This information has the power to change your life.    


It will be my blessing to be your guide, to walk with you on your health journey, and help you to be everything you were created to be.


Are you ready to learn how to achieve tangible, life-changing health results?

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Healing From Autoimmune Disease

Dori's Personal Testimony


Autoimmune Scientist and Functional Nutrition Practitioner Dorinda Smith, MS, FNP of True Wellness Today describes her battle with seven devastating autoimmune diagnoses, and her incredible journey back to health.  You'll be empowered and motivated as you learn that you, too, can heal through
the Science of Functional Medicine.

Want to Geek Out a Little?  This part is for you...

What is Functional Medicine?

Individualized, Patient-Centered, Science-Based Therapies

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Root Cause Discovery

Functional Medicine is different from conventional medicine in that instead of treating the symptoms only (the leaves on the tree), it asks how and why illness occurs.  Functional Medicine restores health by addressing the root causes of disease on a personal, individual level.  The instigating factors of chronic disease is the interaction between personal genetics, lifestyle--which includes nutritional, microbiome and mitochondrial health, movement, rest, stress reduction and interpersonal relationships--and environment (toxic and infection exposure).  


Six Foundations of Functional Medicine Care

1.  The Interaction of Your Genes with Your Environment:

How your genes express health or disease due to their environment can now be tested to understand personal metabolic processes at the cellular level, and correct deficiencies that lead to inflammation and oxidation, which are the cause of many, if not all, diseases.    

2.  Correction of Chemical Mediators at Their Start

Pharmaceutical interventions typically block the damaging end products created by biochemical processes.  As an example, NSAIDs block the effects of inflammatory molecules.  Functional Medicine protocols influence the biochemical pathways

“upstream”, at their start, thereby stopping the production of the damaging end products in the first place.  

3.  Multiple Modality Treatment Plans:

Functional Medicine uses a many interventions to achieve optimal health including nutrition, movement, stress reduction, rest, supplementation, detoxification, microflora balancing, mitochondrial support, methylation optimization, and various other restorative therapies. These interventions are all personalized to address the underlying cause of dysfunction in each individual patient.

4.  Understanding the Individual Patient:

Functional Medicine uses a specific process to uncover significant life events of each patient’s history to understand what brought them to their present place of illness.  It uses the Timeline and Matrix models to organize data and bring clinical insights to the surface.  This ensures that the collaboration between patient and practitioner is a positive one because the patient's intuition and feelings are respected and heard.

5.  Based in Solid Systems Biology:

Functional Medicine uses the science of systems biology to understand and identify how core imbalances in specific biological systems can manifest in other parts of the body. This is different than an organ systems-based approach, and encompasses a whole-body picture.  Functional Medicine addresses core physiological processes that cross

anatomical boundaries including: assimilation of nutrients, cellular defense and repair, structural integrity,

cellular communication and transport mechanisms, energy production, and biotransformation.

6.  Patient Centered Care:

Functional Medicine practitioners work with the patient to find the most

appropriate and acceptable treatment plan to correct, balance, and optimize the fundamental underlying

issues in the realms of mind, body, and spirit. Beginning with a detailed and personalized history, the patient

is welcomed into the process of exploring their story and the potential causes of their health issues. Patients

and providers work together to determine the diagnostic process, set achievable health goals, and design an

appropriate therapeutic approach.


"Functional medicine is the science of creating health.

Disease goes away as a side effect."

Mark Hyman, MD
Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for
Functional Medicine
Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine
New York Times Bestselling Author

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Contact Me

My passion, my purpose, and my joy is helping you overcome your health challenges, so you can be all you were created to be.  Let’s talk about your specific situation, and how I can be of help.

Dorinda Smith, MS, FNP
True Wellness Today
Ramona, California


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